Bannerman Crossings seeing uptick in loitering, implementing new policies for safety of patrons

By Cristi McKee

TALLAHASSEE, Fla — Recently, Northside Tallahassee shopping center, Bannerman Crossings, located at 3425 Bannerman Rd, has experienced loitering issues which that caused a several incidents regarding safety of patrons. “Over the past several months we have experienced a substantial increase in the number of young teenagers roaming the Center without adult supervision,” Bannerman Crossings stated on their venue Facebook page. “This has caused several incidents where the safety of our patrons, specifically elderly, has been compromised and also where the safety of a teenager has been at risk because of careless behavior.”

The Center explained that “when we developed Bannerman Crossings it was our intent to provide an enjoyable and safe place for our families and community to eat, shop and gather,” but is currently experiencing loitering problems by teenagers.

As a result, a strict “no loitering” policy has now been implemented in the area, and anyone found loitering in the parking lot will be asked to leave. Additionally, all children under the age of 16 must be under the supervision of adults. Should a teenager be found not under the supervision of an adult, an officer will call their parents to come pick them up. “Our highest priorities are our patrons who visit the center and our retail operators,” they say.

In the past, Bannerman Crossings has employed one off-duty police officer to be on site for safety purposes on Friday and Saturday nights. Amid these concerns, an increased police presence will now be on site on these nights.

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