Tallahassee City Services Spotlight: Michael Rosen, residential building inspector

By Heather Teter / Special to The Tally Wire

TALLAHASSEE, Fla — With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many indoors, homeowners have been using this time to complete long overdue renovation and remodeling projects. Each day, the City of Tallahassee receives hundreds of residential inspection requests. Whether it’s roofing, electrical, mechanical or gas work, it all requires an inspection from the City’s Growth Management department. 

Helping these home projects along is residential building inspector, Michael Rosen. With years of experience as a certified general contractor, Rosen understands all angles of a homeowner’s best-laid building plans, be it on a napkin or an official set of blueprints. 

“My primary focus is to ensure that safety standards are met and that all local and state building codes were adhered to, no matter if the work was completed by a do-it-yourself homeowner or a general contractor,” he said. 

Since March, Rosen and his team of residential building inspectors have been working diligently to keep up with Tallahassee’s building demand. So far, they’ve completed over 16,000 residential building inspections, averaging around 105 inspections per day. 

“Construction activity in our community has continued throughout the pandemic,” Michael said. “We’ve simply adapted to protect ourselves and those we come in contact with – all the while remaining focused on delivering the best services that we possibly can to the community.”

In a time when homes have also become the office and schoolhouse, the City’s Growth Management department and its inspectors are ensuring that our structures are safe and sound, protecting those we love most.

If you’re considering a home renovation or remodeling project, visit Talgov.com to learn more about needed permits, inspections and building codes to follow. If you’re unsure of the process, you can call 850-891-7001 or use the online chat function to speak with a Growth Management representative.   

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