Capital City Pedicabs offers rides around downtown Tallahassee amid COVID-19 concerns

By The Tally Wire staff

TALLAHASSEE, Fla — Local transportation business, Capital City Pedicabs, has seen a huge loss in business since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The unique transportation business offers rides in canvas-covered pedicabs driven by local licensed cyclists around the downtown Tallahassee area, and amid event cancellations and business closures, has been impacted greatly as of late.

“With events being cancelled or postponed, we have seen a huge loss in activities to be out at,” Capital City Pedicabs owner, Mike Goldstein, says. “From First Friday’s  to Springtime Tallahassee and just about anything in between, we have definitely taken an economic hit since March.”

However, once the fall semester at Florida State University and Florida A&M University began, football season at FSU kicked off, Movie Night at the Ballpark events started, and businesses began to reopen, Capital City Pedicabs has slowly begun to see more traffic and garner more business. 

Transporting students and locals alike in a fun, safe manner is of utmost important to the business. Customers are encouraged to wear masks, drivers wear masks, and much caution is taken when entering and exiting the pedicab. “We are taking it one day at a time as best we can these days and are getting back out there to get people around in a fun and safe manner.”

Capital City Pedicabs was founded in December 2012 by Ron Goldstein, Mike’s father.  Capital City Pedicabs are available for transportation in the following areas: Gaines Street, the FSU campus, Railroad Square Art Park, and the downtown Tallahassee area. 

As events get scheduled to take place around Tallahassee, Goldstein asks that residents spread the word about them, attend these events if possible, and utilize their business if they are in the area. “We are happy to be along for the ride.”


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