Where to get boba tea in Tallahassee

By Amy Marcos

TALLAHASSEE, Fla — Boba tea, or bubble tea, which is made of black tea with flavorred tapioca pearls, is growing in popularity, and Tallahassee has met the demand. Here in town, there are a number of spots that offer a boba tea menu. Check them out.

Pong’s Boba Tea — Located at 1350 W Tennessee St B, Pong’s Boba Tea, which is attached to Mr. Roboto Tokyo Grill, offers an extensive boba tea menu alongside their fruit tea, coffee, and milk tea menu.

Boru Boru — Boru Boru, most known for their sushi bowls and sushi burritos, offers a bubble tea menu featuring seasonal flavors.

The Sweet Shop — The Sweet Shop, most known for their coffee drinks, smoothies, milkshakes, and more, also offers several flavors of boba tea, such as pumpkin spice, mango, matcha and more.

Bubbly Tea Bar — Bubbly Tea Bar, located at 2020 W Pensacola St, offers not only a boba tea menu, but also lattes, fruit teas, milk teas, blended options, and more. Check out their online menu, here.

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