Round Up of Mac ‘n’ Cheese Restaurants in Tallahassee

By The Tally Wire staff

TALLAHASSEE, Fla — There are three locally-owned and operated mac ‘n’ cheese restaurants here in the capital city. Check them out below.

I Heart Mac & Cheese — Located at 799 W Gaines St #113, I Heart Mac & Cheese offers an extensive macaroni and cheese-based menu. Offering lobster and white truffle oil bowls, bacon cheeseburger bowls, classic bowls, and customizable bowls, this restaurant also offers mac ‘n’ cheese bites and dessert options. Check out their online menu, here.

Zak’s Mac — Located at 215 W College Ave Suite 102, this mac ‘n’ cheese spot is right on the Florida State University campus. Offering unique toppings and mix-ins, such as hot Cheetos, bacon, and more, custom mac ‘n’ cheese bowls are popular here. Currently, Zak’s Mac is only offering pick-up and delivery services only. View their menu online, here.

The Tally Mac Shack — Located at 1215 S Adams St Suite 2, this award-winning mac ‘n’ cheese food truck offers an extensive menu for all mac ‘n’ cheese lovers. Featuring a “Florida boil” bowl with Cajun-infused cheese and Register sausage, a special “mac of the week” bowl, a four cheese mac bowl, and more, the Tally Mac Shack also has a location on campus at FSU located at Azalea Hall, 824 W Jefferson Street. Check out their online menu, here.

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