@BathroomsOfTallahassee Fills a Niche in the Tallahassee Arts Community

By Lexie Pitzen | Photo: Andrea Davis

If you’ve ever used the bathroom during a concert, you know it’s as much an aesthetic experience as a practical one. Think of bass shaking the walls, graffiti on every surface, and untrustworthy-looking toilets and sinks. One-of-a-kind bathrooms are an art form of their own, and Tallahassee is full of them, according to Cameron Rivers, the woman behind the @BathroomsOfTallahassee Instagram account.

On the Bathrooms of Tallahassee Instagram account, Rivers features “only the finest porcelain thrones”—from the poster-plastered, graffitied bathrooms of music venues, to the neatly tiled and decorated bathrooms of southern boutiques. She first posted on Bathrooms of Tallahassee in January 2018, showcasing one of the bathrooms at All Saints Café.

“I had three pictures of weird local bathrooms on my phone and kind of joked about starting an Instagram dedicated to them,” Rivers said. “I couldn’t get the idea out of my head so one night I just went for it. I tried to keep myself anonymous so it would add to the randomness and humor of the account, but I was also unsure of how people would react, so it was a safe out at first.”

Now, Bathrooms of Tallahassee has become a digital collection of nearly 100 unique bathrooms.

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Pineapples lol so random! 🤪! Rating:7/10

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“I find Tallahassee to be a very special and eclectic place, and there is always this bond between people who love it,” she said. “So, in a way, it’s a collection of places I’ve been in town and a way to showcase the variety of bathrooms that people would recognize and feel a weird sort of relation to.” Rivers said she tends to find the best bathrooms in bars or coffee shops. “The best is when the bathroom goes above and beyond to match the aesthetic of wherever it is found, and you can tell they put effort into what the bathroom would look like,” she added.

In her captions, Rivers rates each of the bathrooms from 1-10. Some of the bathrooms are unconventional, including Rivers’ personal favorite: “I love any toilet I pass on the side of the road,” she said. “And the idea that I post it as a “bathroom” is funny to maybe only me, but it’s worth it. There’s one of a toilet in a yard sitting next to a vintage chair. It looked so purposeful, almost like a little still life scene.”

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Look at this lovely couple. Rating: 10/10

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As Rivers recently moved to Chicago, the future of the Bathrooms of Tallahassee Instagram account is up in the air. Rivers said she has considered whether she should pass the account down to someone else or retire it and “go out with a bang.” “Either way, I am so grateful that people chose to follow and send in pictures they find as well,” she said. “I loved my time in Tallahassee, and I’m glad I was able to pay tribute to it in a probably too specific and niche way.”

To see more Tallahassee bathrooms, follow @BathroomsOfTallahassee on Instagram, here.

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