A Guide to 4 Butterflies Found in Tallahassee

By Amy Marcos | Photo: Richard Lee

There are numerous types of butterflies found in the Tallahassee community. Check out this guide to 4 of them!

Monarchs — Monarch butterflies, which make their appearance from the months of August to November then from March to June, are commonly seen on milkweed plants in gardens around town.

Monarch butterfly | Photo: Richard Lee

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Eastern tiger swallowtails, otherwise referred to as yellow swallowtails, are commonly seen from spring to fall in Tallahassee, typically eating milkweed, phlox, and lilac.

Yellow swallowtail butterfly | Photo: Joshua J. Cotten

Red-spotted purples — These butterflies, which are also referred to as white admirals, are seen throughout the city feeding on rotted fruit and nectar.

Red-spotted purple butterfly | Photo: Justin Bland

Zebra longwings — These yellow and black butterflies are extremely common and are often seen in groups of 4+ flittering around passionflowers, milkweed, and more.

Zebra longwing | Photo: Meritt Thomas

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