Rally For Tally Campaign Making a Comeback This Weekend

By Cristi McKee | Photo: Tallahassee Foodies

This weekend, from June 27, 2020, to June 28, 2020, the second Rally For Tally campaign, a community effort to support local dining establishments amid COVID-19 concerns, will take place. The first campaign, which was organized by Tallahassee Foodies, was held on March 21, 2020, and was a tremendous success for the Tallahassee community. 

The goal of Rally For Tally is simple—to encourage Tallahassee residents to place orders at local restaurants and pick them up curbside in an effort to support not only the Tallahassee restaurant community, but to also offer tasty meals to residents.

Once again organized by Tallahassee Foodies, Rally for Tally presents another opportunity to support our friends, neighbors, and local business owners who have been particularly impacted due to COVID-19.  “Regardless of if you are pro-mask or anti-mask, the reality is the food and beverage operators in town will once again take the brunt of COVID19,” Tallahassee Foodies said. This season “is already a slow point in Tallahassee, but given restrictions, consumer confidence, and the summer heat/rain, it could be a catastrophe.”

Participating restaurants are also offering goodies or incentives for making a stop at their establishment: “this could mean anything from a free dessert or an extra chicken finger.” Several restaurants, including Madison Social, Cabo’s, Flour Blossom Bakery, Essence of India, DEEP Brewing Company, and more, are participating in this weekend’s campaign. A full list of participating restaurants can be found via Tallahassee Foodies, here.

If you are a restaurant owner or operator and would like to be a part of this weekend’s Rally for Tally event, contact Tallahassee Foodies, here.

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