Tallahassee Farmers Market Open Every Saturday Amid COVID-19 Concerns

By Cristi McKee | Photo: Tallahassee Farmers’ Market

TALLAHASSEE, Fla — Even amid COVID-19 concerns, the Tallahassee Farmers Market, which is located at 2904 Kerry Forest Pkwy (Cornerstone Presbyterian Church’s parking lot), is open and ready for business every Saturday from 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. “We believe our market is an important part of the Tallahassee community’s healthy lifestyle,” the market shared on Facebook

The market offers Tallahassee residents an opportunity to purchase locally-grown produce from our neighbors. A number of vendors set up each Saturday morning to supply a myriad of different items for purchase, including vegetables, meat, baked goods, fruit, and more. 

Now, amid COVID-19 concerns, the market has implemented a number of safety measures to ensure that attendees can enjoy a healthy, happy, and safe experience. “All vendors are wearing masks, we have hand sanitizer available for customers and vendors, and tents are roped off with tables recessed to ensure distancing. The market is open to air and direct sunlight which are both inhospitable to viruses,” the market said.

At the market, vendors bag your items for you, and keeping 6 feet away from others is requested. “We so love being able to socialize at the market but times have changed and we ask our shoppers to do their best to maintain their distance,” the market noted. Next weekend, consider heading out to the Tallahassee Farmers’ Market to support local businesses and the community and purchase tasty, healthy items.

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