A Guide to Locally-Sourced Mother’s Day Gifts in Tallahassee

By The Tally Wire Staff | Photo: Antonio Janeski

Mother’s Day, falling on May 10, 2020, is quickly approaching! This year, while you may not be able to shop around in-person for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, there are still plenty of options to find a great locally-made gift! Check out this guide to locally-sourced gifts for mom.

A plant or two from a local nursery — Many nurseries in town are still open, and if your mom is a plant lover, consider buying her a plant or two from one of them! From succulents, to fiddleheads, to orchids, to lime trees and everything in between, you can find a local nursery to stop by, here.

A commissioned painting by a local artist — Support a local artist and get your mom a one-of-a-kind painting all in one. Commission a local artist to get a unique piece just for her.

Locally-ground coffee — Is your mom a coffee lover? Consider ordering a couple of bags of locally-ground coffee from one of Tallahassee’s many coffee shops for her.

Jewelry crafted by a local craftsperson — Opt to purchase a locally-crafted piece of jewelry for mom this year. Choosing a locally-crafted jewelry piece or set often allows you to purchase a one-of-kind, special piece.

Sweet treats from a local bakery — If your mom has a favorite sweet treat, stop by or request a curbside pickup from a local bakery to get a couple for her. Bakeries all over Tallahassee offer sweet treats such as macaroons, cobblers, pies, and more!

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