Governor’s Park a Hidden Tallahassee Park Gem

By Cristi McKee | Photo: Cristi McKee

Nestled away on the side of Blairstone Road, between Park Avenue and Mahan Road, lies Governor’s Park, a hidden Tallahassee park gem. An ideal spot to picnic, fly a kite, take photos, jog, and walk the dogs, Governor’s Park will surprise visitors in the best way possible.

Governor’s Park’s dirt parking lot sits underneath the Blairstone Road overpass, which opens up to the 200 acre greenway. A hilly piece of land, it is somewhat of a trek to get to the top of the hill of the greenway, but, once there, you can see the Blairstone Road overpass. Despite the constant traffic, it is hardly noticeable; instead, a quiet, serene expanse can be enjoyed. The space is coated in light, and butterflies visit frequently.

Train tracks run alongside the park, which can be reached on the side of the parking lot, as does a walking trail. Seasonal wildflowers can be found throughout the park, and grassy, shady areas are plentiful. The park as a whole functions as a prime spot for birdwatching and nature sighting.

Created in 1997, the park is truly unlike any other in Tallahassee. Prior to 2019, Meyers House, an abandoned mansion, could be seen on site, but has since been demolished.

An aerial drone view tour of Governor’s Park, made by the City of Tallahassee’s Above Tallahassee, can be found, here, and a map of the park can be found, here.


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