5 Ways to Support Local Businesses in Tallahassee Amid COVID-19 Concerns

By Cristi McKee

TALLAHASSEE, Fla — In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, small and locally-owned businesses are being impacted greatly. Restaurants are temporarily closing, shops are experiencing much less foot traffic, and entrepreneurs’ dreams are being impeded. While unsure and chaotic times lie ahead, consider these small ways to help out our neighborhood business owners. 

Purchase gift cards to your go-to restaurants — If you can, purchase gift cards to your go-to locally-owned cafes or restaurants. While you may not want to dine in at the moment, once the chaos has ended, you will. This way, you’ll have an easy way to pay for your food or drink next time you stop in, and the restaurant owners are still able to utilize the money you normally spend there, now. 

Write reviews — Take a moment to write a Google or Facebook review of your favorite locally-owned restaurants, shops, boutiques, cafés, and more. This way, others will be able to see your positive reviews on these spots and want to visit them eventually, too. 

Commission — If you are able to, place an order to commission a piece from local crafters, painters, artists, and the like. You can plan to pick up or receive the commissioned piece at a later time.

Purchase early — If possible, purchase a Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gift from a local business, even if these holidays might be a ways away. This ensures that you have a gift on hand when the special time comes, and ensures that local shops still get some business during this time. 

Purchase gift cards to your favorite shops and boutiques — If there are shops or boutiques that you like to shop at, but cannot currently, consider purchasing gift cards from them that you can use at a later date if you are able to.


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