Northside Stage MusicFest 2020 Overview

By Cristi McKee | Photo: The Northside Stage

This year’s Northside Stage MusicFest will be kick off Saturday, June 27, 2020, beginning at 12:00 p.m. Hosted on site at the Northside Community Center, located at 8005 Oak Grove Rd, the festival will run until 9:00 that night. The event is free, family-friendly, and is open to all. Featuring masterclasses, performances, workshops, and more, MusicFest 2020 is all indoors and will occur rain or shine. 

This year’s lineup includes something for all music lovers. “We welcome all musicians and music lovers to come enjoy, learn, and create music together!” Sarah Roeber, Director at The Northside Stage, encourages. A variety of bands, including the Well-Worn Soles, Eric Case Band, JRive Music, Maharajah Flamenco Trio, and the Good Little Chickens will be performing live at the music festival this year. 

Workshops by Joshua Rivers, Chris Seepersaud, Royce Lovett, Therese Seepersau, Well-Worn Soles, Leon Anderson, Srinivasa Kishore, Phil Adams, Perry Osborn, and Rachel Hillman, Colleen Nixon and Elizabeth Mossel will also be held. Different jams, including bluegrass and world music jams, will be held throughout the day.

The Northside Stage, founded by Wildwood Presbyterian Church in 2012, is an outlet for “local musicians with a passion for collaboration” to connect artists with audiences. “Northside Stage exists to enhance the arts community in northeast Tallahassee and encourage local artists in their craft,” Roeber says.

A full schedule of workshops, masterclasses, and performances can be found below. 

12:00 PM

Workshop: Joshua Rivers

12:00 PM

Workshop: Chris Seepersaud (traditional Indian instruments)

12:00 PM

Mainstage: Well-Worn Soles

1:00 PM

Bluegrass Jam in the Gallery

1:00 PM

Workshop: Royce Lovett

1:00 PM

Workshop: Therese Seepersaud (jazz vocals)

2:00 PM

Mainstage: Eric Case Band

2:00 PM

Workshop: Original Song Jam with Well-Worn Soles

2:00 PM

Workshop: Leon Anderson (jazz forms)

3:00 PM

Workshop: Srinivasa Kishore (Indian rhythms)

3:00 PM

Workshop: Guitar Panel with Phil Adams, Perry Osborn, and Rachel Hillman

3:00 PM

Mainstage: JRive Music

4:00 PM

World Music Jam in the Gallery with Michael Bakan

4:00 PM

Workshop: Songwriter Panel with Colleen Nixon, Elizabeth Mossel, and Rachel Hillman

5:00 PM

Mainstage: Maharajah Flamenco Trio

6:00 PM

Steve Fryson Combo in the Gallery

6:00 PM

Workshop: Maharajah Flamenco Trio

7:00 PM

Mainstage: Good Little Chickens

The music festival will also include food trucks on site, and Lucky Goat coffee. RSVP, and share with friends and family on Facebook, here.

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