4 Things to Remember to Do During a Freeze in Tallahassee

By The Tally Wire staff | Photo: Erin Mckenna

Winter has finally made an appearance in Tallahassee, with temperatures dropping into the 20’s this week, according to the National Weather Service-Tallahassee. When it gets this chilly outside, there are a number of actions to take in order to keep your family, friends, pets, and plants safe. Here are 4 of them.

Bring your pets inside — These cool temperatures are harmful to people and animals alike if not adequately prepared for them. Bring your pets—dogs, cats, rabbits—inside to keep them safe from the freeze.

Leave the water running — To avoid water pipes freezing over and malfunctioning, letting the water run might be helpful. Leaving your water dripping or trickling can combat against the water pipes outside getting frozen over.

Bring your plants inside — Remember to bring your plants inside if they cannot withstand these temperatures. Covering your garden with sheets or blankets can help keep them from getting damaged from the wind and ice as well.

Have ice scrapers on hand — Given that these freezing temperatures are so rare in Tallahassee, you may not have an ice scraper on hand for when you need to clean off your car windshield before heading to work. Invest in a ice scraper so that your morning commute is safe—and begins on time.

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