TallahasseeCon to be Hosted in April 2020

By Amy Marcos | Photo: Lena Rose

This year’s TallahasseeCon, a celebration of all things comic con culture, will be April 25, 2020! The day-long event will be a “mecca convention” for all comic con lovers in the state and abroad. Striving to be the “truest” comic con event, a number of fandom genres will be celebrated with over 100 exhibitors on site. 

Hosted by TallahasseeCon, South West FloridaCon, and CalusaCon, the day will be packed with something for sci-fi, comic book, pop culture, wrestling, cosplay, and animation lovers. TallahasseeCon wanted to cater to a spectrum of interests, “including comic books, magazines, toys, gaming, video games, movies, records, wrestling, , television, anime, manga, cosplay, artwork, and sketches.” Clothing will also be on sale, and several pop culture celebrities are scheduled to be in attendance. 

Tickets for the event are on sale now, and can be purchased, here. Children 11-years-old and under will be admitted free if accompanied by a ticketed adult, otherwise $10 tickets are available for purchase for each additional child. Share with friends and family on Facebook, and RSVP online, here.

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