5 things to be grateful for in Tallahassee

By The Tally Wire staff

TALLAHASSEE, Fla — Our capital city offers welcoming neighbors and friends, beautiful scenery, top-notch schools, fantastic parks and more. This season, consider these five things to be grateful for here in town. 

  1. The canopy roads — Our city’s iconic canopy roads is something that many other cities cannot boast of.
  2. Our schools — From the college campuses, to our small VPK schools, Tallahassee’s dedication to education is just one thing to be grateful for in this city.
  3. The local businesses — Tallahassee’s local business scene is thriving, and our community is extremely supportive of our neighbors. 
  4. Our rich history — Tallahassee has a rich history that dates back to several thousands of years before European encounter, and throughout the centuries, has built up quite a fascinating and complex history.
  5. The people — Southern hospitality, love for football, and sense of community is something that the residents of Tallahassee share. The community is certainly something to be grateful for.

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