St. Peter’s Anglican Cathedral to Hold First Veteran’s Day Service

By Cristi McKee | Photo: St. Peter’s Anglican Cathedral

On Monday, November 11, 2019, St. Peter’s Anglican Cathedral will hold their first Veteran’s Day service to honor all Veterans in the community. Beginning at 7:00 p.m., this church service is open to the community, and the wearing of uniforms and awards is welcome and encouraged. 

The introduction of this service is part of the Cathedral’s offering of pastoral care. “The healing love of Jesus Christ, the promise of a restored earth where all wars and violence will cease, and the resurrection of the body, this is the Good News that Veterans desperately need to hear,” says Fr. Wes Jagoe, Canon for Worship at St. Peter’s, and a veteran himself. “It is my hope that our Cathedral can be a place of healing and a family for the veterans, young and old, in our community.”

Special patriotic music will be sung by St. Peter’s Cathedral Men’s Choir at this non-Eucharistic service. The dedication of the Liberty Cross, a cross made from the original steel structure cut from the Statue of Liberty, will also take place. Light refreshments and tours of St. Peter’s will be offered after the service.  

St. Peter’s Anglican Cathedral is located at 4784 Thomasville Rd. You can RSVP to this service if you would like, and share with friends and family on Facebook, here. 

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