The Bradfordville Blues Club: A Juke Joint Under the Stars and Hidden Tallahassee Gem

By Emily Sanderson | Photo: Bradfordville Blues Club

Tallahassee is a treasure trove full of hidden gems waiting to be found by locals and tourists alike. The quaint, slightly eclectic, concrete building known as the “Juke Joint under the Stars” — the Bradfordville Blues Club—is one of them.

The building can be found down an old dirt road in what feels like the middle of nowhere, but do not let its size fool you—the stellar performances put on there can create enough sound to travel all the way to nearby neighborhoods. In fact, sometimes the bands even lower their volume a bit because of the strong acoustics the building boasts!

When you walk into the club, you are greeted with a warm welcome from the smiling faces and cheerful disposition of the people working there.

Autographed original portraits of the “kings and queens” of the blues adorn the walls and tabletops, and these unique works of art add a nice aesthetic feel to the overall experience. The BBC is a cozy place, but can comfortably hold around 50 or so guests, and even has a small area up front for anyone who wants to dance along to the music. 

The BBC is 1 of only 10 blues venues not located in Mississippi, and is part of the Mississippi Blues Trail. The blues originated in the Deep South back in the 1870’s, and is characterized by its bass lines, lyrics, and instrumentation. This genre of music is distantly related to jazz, and they tend to influence each other. According to the BBC’s website, the hope is to draw more people in to keep the spirit and tradition of the blues alive in Tallahassee. 

Ticket prices for shows at the BBC typically range between $15-$20, doors open at 8:30 p.m., and performances begin at 9:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. If you are looking to have a unique music experience or for something new to do over the weekend, the BBC is the place to go!


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