7 Forgotten Southern Comfort Food Dishes to Make

By Cristi McKee | Photo: The Pioneer Woman

Several dishes and sides are classic Tallahassee comfort foods like macaroni and cheese, venison, and potato salad. Years ago, however, these yummy sides and meals were not go-to dishes to make for a family get-together or to bring to a party. Check out these 7 forgotten comfort food dishes that used to be hits in the southern food scene.

Jello salad — Jello salad is made of exactly what one would suspect—jello, and essentially any type of cut fruit or vegetable. These salads were usually cooled in a fancy, portable mold to bring to parties. 

Dirty rice This side dish is made with white rice, but turns “dirty” after being cooked with the meat of your choice: pork, beef, or chicken. Add in peppers and onions, and pour the seasoning on to achieve the traditional dish. 

Cherry squares — Just 5 ingredients make up this classic, tasty dessert: cherry pie filling, flour, butter, sugar, and eggs. These squares were often brought to church gatherings and picnics, and served at parties.

Corn pudding Corn pudding looked a little different a number of years ago, but is loved just the same as today. This classic comfort food was made with creamed corn and normal canned corn, and plenty of butter and sugar.

Pineapple casserole Served as a side dish, pineapple casserole mixes unlikely ingredients—pineapples, cheddar cheese, and buttery crackers—to make a tasty, fluffy dish. It was commonly brought to Thanksgiving dinner and served up with turkey. 

Coca Cola cake — Just 1 cup of Coca Cola is enough to make a delicious “Coke cake.” Now, the cake, which often is topped with classic Coke frosting and marshmallows, is not often made, but it was popular dessert to eat at grandma’s house.   

Ambrosia salad — This sweet “salad” is a delight made with miniature marshmallows, mandarin oranges, cherries, and whatever fruit or sugary toppings one desired to add. It was typically served during holiday gatherings and summer picnics. 

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