5 Ways to Celebrate International Dog Day in Tallahassee

By Amy Marcos | Photo: Joe Caione

Today is International Dog Day, and it is time to celebrate! The holiday is recognized worldwide, but there are several ways to honor the day here in town. Check out these 5 ways to celebrate the day with your furry friend right here in Tallahassee.

Grab a treat for your canine at a locally-owned pet shop  — With several locally-owned pet shops around town, your dog’s favorite treat or toy is sure to be at one of them. Earthwise Pet Tallahassee and Hollywood Feed offer options for all dogs alike.

Join the dog foster program at the Leon County Humane Society —The Leon County Humane Society offers year-round opportunities to “make a space in your heart and home to save lives” by becoming a foster parent for dogs. More information about becoming a canine foster parent and applications to register for the program can be found online, here.

Donate items to the Tallahassee Animal Shelter — Tallahassee’s animal shelter is always in need of donations for the animals under their care. Blankets, flea prevention medication, wet wipes, Kong dog toys, and dry kitten food are just a couple of items the shelter needs to accommodate their animals. 

Take your dog to the Tom Brown Dog Park — The Tom Brown Dog Park offers a designated fenced play area for dogs. The entire park is dog-friendly, but this space is perfect for unleashed

Adopt a dog from a local pet shelter — What better day to give a forever home to a dog than International Dog Day? Local animal shelters, such as The Tallahassee Animal Shelter, Big Dog Rescue, the Leon County Humane Society, and more have dogs of all ages ready for adoption.


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