Club Downunder Fall 2019 Concert Preview

By Lexie Pitzen | Photo: Club Downunder/Union Productions

When I mention The Wilbury to other Florida State University students, especially freshmen, they usually don’t know what I’m talking about—and why would I, someone who hates crowds and doesn’t drink, go to a bar, anyway? But the Wilbury, a cozy, laid-back bar on Gaines Street, offers even more than alcohol, loaded pulled-pork cheese fries, and mini bowling: concerts from local and national artists. This fall, Club Downunder has 6 shows planned at the Wilbury, and all are free with a valid gold FSU Card.

Sept. 6: Jitwam — Described as a “psychedelic soul-savant” on his Spotify page, Jitwam creates music inspired by places he has lived throughout his life like Thailand, Australia, and India. Songs like “I’m a Rock” and “Desires” have influences of jazz, house, and hip-hop, hinting at a relaxing, laid-back concert experience.

Sept. 11: Boogarins & Mdou Moctar — Boogarins is a psychedelic pop band that formed in Brazil. The band fuses traces of historical Brazilian music with modern styles, creating an interesting, catchy sound. Mdou Moctar makes contemporary Saharan music. In his bio, it says, “in the exterior, where Saharan rock has become the continent’s biggest musical export, he’s earned a name for himself, trading in unrelenting grit with no qualms about going full shred.”

Oct. 23: The Band CAMINO — Indie-pop fans will be thrilled to see The Band CAMINO in Club Downunder’s lineup. The group mixes power pop production with guitar-heavy performance; songs like “Less Than I Do” and “Daphne Blue” vent heartache and longing in contagious rock energy.

Nov. 9: This Will Destroy You — Los Angeles-based experimental rock band This Will Destroy You “typically composes lengthy atmospheric instrumental pieces,” their bio says, “featuring layers of effects-laden guitar and a heavy usage of dynamics.” The drama of their music foreshadows a unique, emotional concert experience.

Nov. 10: Kero Kero Bonito — Kero Kero Bonito, a band from London, England, makes an eccentric blend of electronic and experimental music. According to their bio, “their mission is to challenge conformity in pop” by exploring many styles. Many fans have discovered the band through TikTok following the success (and meme status) of their song “Flamingo” on the app.

Nov. 17: Com Truise — Com Truise, the project of producer Seth Haley, makes “slow-motion funk” described as “warped, bass-heavy tracks that are sludgy but leavened with bright synthesizer melodies.” Com Truise’s show will be perfect for fans of synthwave and ambient styles. 
For more information, visit Club Downunder’s Facebook or website.

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