5 Sculptures to See in Tallahassee

By Cristi McKee | Photo: Noah Z. Brock Sculpture

Tallahassee isn’t known as a creative, art-forward city, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t unique, stunning, and intriguing creative pieces found here. Throughout the city, at museums, in the park, and on the street, there are several sculptures that are must-sees.

Jim Gary’s 20th Century Dinosaurs — Located at the Tallahassee Museum, Jim Gary’s 20th Century Dinosaur exhibit is on loan to be displayed. This exhibit features a multitude of fascinating dinosaur sculptures made of discarded car parts.

Photo: Cristi McKee

Declaration by Kenn von Roenn — Found in Collegetown at the Woodward Ave. and Gaines St. roundabout, this sculpture, made from laminated dichroic glass, stainless steel was designed by, Kenn von Roenn and fabricated by the FSU Master Craftsmen Studio in 2014.

Photo: Tallahassee Arts

Icarus Wings by Noah Z. Brock Sculpture — This sculpture, installed in 2012, is located at the front of the Aeropropulsion, Mechatronics, and Energy Building at Florida State University and was designed and constructed by Noah Z. Brock.

Photo: Noah Z. Brock Sculpture

The Legacy Fountain Sculpture — Located in the center of the Landis Green quad on the Florida State University campus, the sculpture, by Edward Jonas, was dedicated in 2008. It is made of mosaic, bronze, and stone.

Photo: FSU Legacy Walk

The Evolution of Angels and Birds by Dennis Howland — Made of aluminum, glass, and steel, this kinetic sculpture is part of a series by Dennis Howland. It was created in 2015, and can be found at 1020 and 1030 Lafayette Street.

Photo: Tallahassee Arts

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