FSU Alumni Make College Safer and Simpler with Campus Caddie

By Abby Cloud | Photo: Campus Caddie

As high school graduation creeps closer, parents of first-time college students are having to address the anxieties of their student moving away and starting college. To keep parents from worrying during their student’s first year away at college, FSU Alumni and Boosters Michael Underwood and Allen Beyer founded Campus Caddie, a business that “provides supportive concierge services designed to make college safer and simpler for students.” 

Underwood recalls his own experience of sending his daughter off to her first year at Florida State University; after dropping her off, Underwood and his wife couldn’t help but worry what she would do if she got sick or needed help in a town that was unfamiliar and far away from her parents. “After that experience, I felt like there had to be a better way to make this transition easier for kids and parents, while still respecting the importance of this transition in the lives of young adults,” Underwood explains. This is how Campus Caddie originated in 2017.

Through Campus Caddie, you can purchase 1 of 2 different memberships: a semester coverage membership for the fall or spring, or an annual coverage membership for the entire school year. To view the perks of each respective package, you can read more here on their website.

The partnered services that Campus Caddie provides for their business are wellness packages, basic care packages, technical support, and medical liaison services. They also offer a Safe Ride Program available Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. You can request however many services you need to in one day, but you are only allowed however many service requests are included with your membership. 

With the exception of the Safe Ride program, tutoring referrals, and birthday wishes, all of the remaining services count towards your membership service credits. Depending on your membership plan, unused service requests can rollover to another membership plan whenever you renew your membership for the next semester or year. 

Through these services, the mission behind Campus Caddie is to keep parents at a peace of mind. Underwood and Beyer assures that this business is perfect for parents. “Campus Caddie is the assurance that students have been provided with an invaluable resource to help them while on their own, while helping them become independent,” Underwood says. 

Parents can benefit from this membership as well. On top of being able to send out a service to their student, parents can take advantage of the Safe Ride Program when they’re in town, and can enjoy the same discounts at affiliated shops and restaurants as their student. 

“The service is built around safety and simplicity,” Underwood explains. “The program helps build independence by having a positive and reputable reference for challenges that occur to virtually every college student.” Each service that Campus Caddie partners with goes through “an extensive vetting process” that includes background checks and interviews in order to provide the best service for parents and students in Tallahassee. 

Campus Caddie is available for parents and students who attend Florida State University, and those who are on the path to FSU program through Tallahassee Community College, as well. 

“We look forward to seeing our business become an integral part of the college experience for both students and parents for years to come.” States Underwood. Campus Caddie is also planning to expand to other colleges and universities in Florida come fall of 2020. 

To read more about Campus Caddie and its services, you can visit their website here. To stay updated with this business, you can follow their Instagram account and their Facebook page.

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