Tallahassee’s First Female Co-Working Space Kicks Off this Week

By Cristi McKee | Photo: wHERk

On Monday, August 5, wHERk (pronounced “work”), Tallahassee’s first “coworking space and motivational community” for modern working women hosted their first of many events to inspire and assist Tallahassee women to grow or start their own businesses.

Behind the organization is Verlonda Johnson, wHERk’s Chief Integrator Officer, and Anquilla Bellow, their Chief Visionary Officer. Mrs. Bellow has a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Florida A&M University, and Mrs. Johnson has an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from Florida A&M University.  The 2 women met while working together heading up the marketing department of a boutique real estate company. Together, the idea behind wHERk came naturally to them. 

The concept was inspired by the trends and shifts taking place in Tallahassee, says the ladies of wHERk. They explain, “There were many women who came to Tallahassee for college who then decided to make Tallahassee their home. They began growing families, and wanted to build businesses, but didn’t know where to start.  There was no place for women where they could grow their business, enhance professional skills and network with one another while building relationships.” Thus, wHERk was born.  

After rigorous planning, the grand opening, which lasts all week long and includes workshops, coffee socials, and speeches from an array of career women from Tallahassee, came to life. From learning to dress professionally, to improving branding, to learning social media tips and tricks, wHERk’s opening week schedule of events is full of helpful information and fun events.

Ultimately, wHERK’s hope is for women to “use this space and community as motivation to start or grow their businesses.”  It is the wHERk team’s dream that working alongside other female entrepreneurs will produce successful results for everyone. “We hope that from our events this week, women are inspired by the community atmosphere to join and benefit from the resources and collaborative opportunities that will become available to them,” they say.

If you are a woman and are looking for a community of hardworking, inspirational, and motivational women to help you succeed, wHERk might be for you. For a full schedule of this week’s events, see below.

2 thoughts on “Tallahassee’s First Female Co-Working Space Kicks Off this Week

  1. Why are so many week day meeting times DURING work hours? I’d love to attend the coffee and conversations, or some of the interesting programs – but I’m a working woman. I can’t just take off for an hour to go attend a social function or developmental course each day for a week.

    I’m seeing this trend in that work-related social functions for young professionals are scheduled during the working hours, and its very disheartening for this particular young professional. 😦


  2. Hi Ashley, thanks for your reply. I am one of the founders of wHERk. Although our first week of event was primarily during the work day hours, we will have a number of weekend and after hours events, i.e Networking Mixers, weekend brunch and Masterclasses. We are trying to reach all women in every stage of life and business and realize that for that we must accommodate ALL and we thank you for your feedback .

    Please follow us @wherktally and visit our website at http://www.wherk.co and sign up to be an insider so that you are the first to know about these events. Feel free to email me directly at verlonda@wherk.co if you have any other questions or concerns, I would be happy to hear from you. Thanks again!


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