FSU First Year College Student Do’s and Don’ts

By Abby Cloud | Photo: Nathan Dumlao

Rising freshmen in college: fall semester is almost here and if you were anything like me, I was feeling a little disoriented. Between buying all the necessities needed for a dorm room, setting up your class schedule, and mentally preparing for your first year as a college student, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Before you make the transition to one of Tallahassee’s esteemed colleges, here are some “do’s” and “don’ts” that will ultimately help you as you begin your first year as a college student!

DO reach out to your roommate(s) prior to moving — No matter how you and your roommate came to share a living space, it is really important to start the year on a good note. If you can, contact them prior to your move in date to get a feel for each other. Communication is extremely important in these situations and you want to make sure your roommate knows you have good intentions, and vice versa.

DON’T take all of those clothes How can you possibly decide what you’ll want to wear months from now? It’s hard to decide what you’ll need, but I’m here to reassure that the basics will do. Be sure to include shoes that can withstand the walking you’ll have to endure, and limit yourself to only a few pairs that are versatile and go with many outfits.

DO bring rain gear Tallahassee is prone to unpredictable rain showers, and when you’re stuck walking to your next class all the way across campus, this usually does not bode well. While the weather seems hardly predictable here, it’s good to have the peace of mind regardless. Additionally, you should keep a small umbrella in your backpack.

DON’T overload your (first) semester — Especially if you’re a new student, packing on a bunch of credit hours, extracurriculars, and other activities can wear on you. Don’t be afraid to take an extra class or join another club, just be sure you can balance your time and aren’t spreading yourself too thin. 

DO explore the area — Tallahassee offers more than what you can find on campus or surrounding the college. Just in the vicinity of all 3 college campuses in town are coffee shops, concert venues, restaurants, and even an art park containing locally-owned businesses and super picturesque murals and walls. Whatever you find might become your new go-to place to hangout, shop, or dine!

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