What to Get This Weekend for Florida’s Back-To-School Tax Holiday

By Amy Marcos | Photo: Sara Torda

Beginning on Friday, August 2, 2019, and running until Tuesday, August 6, 2019, Florida residents can enjoy a back-to-school tax holiday on participating school-related items. State and local tax prices will not be required on typical school items that cost $15 or less, or shoes and clothing that costs $60 or less. Here is a list of what to get this weekend for Florida’s back-to-school tax holiday. 

The Florida Department of Revenue states that the tax holiday is not applicable to the following as well:

  • Books that are not otherwise exempt
  • Computers and computer-related accessories purchased for commercial purposes
  • Rentals or leases of any eligible items
  • Repairs or alterations of any eligible items
  • Sales of any eligible items in a theme park, entertainment complex, public lodging establishment, or airport.

Here is a list of school items that are tax-exempt this upcoming week:

• Binders 

• Calculators 

• Cellophane (transparent) tape

 • Colored pencils 

• Compasses 

• Composition books

•  Computer disks (blank CDs only) 

• Construction paper 

• Crayons 



 • Glue (stick and liquid)

 • Highlighters

• Legal pads 

• Lunch boxes

 • Markers

 • Notebook filler paper 

• Notebooks

 •  Paste

 • Pencils, including mechanical and refills

 • Pens, including felt, ballpoint, fountain, highlighters, and refills 

• Poster board 

• Poster paper 

• Protractors

  • Rulers

 • Scissors

 • Staplers and staples (used to secure paper products)

For more information regarding what is and what is not tax-exempt this tax holiday, and for detailed explanations of each exemption, click here.

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