US Census Bureau Conducting 2020 Census in Leon County and Tallahassee

By Amy Marcos | Photo: National Community Action Partnership

Via Nextdoor, Deputy Dean Crump of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office announced to residents of the Leon County and Tallahassee region that the US Census Bureau will begin conducting their 2020 Census soon.

Residents of the city may begin to see personnel around their neighborhoods, and should not be alarmed about their presence. In addition to the 2020 Census, The Census Bureau “has many ongoing surveys of households and businesses in addition to the 2020 Census, such as the American Community Survey” that some US residents may receive.

Some skepticism regarding Census review and official personnel arises during this time of year. “All U.S. Census Bureau employees and field personnel will have credentials issued by the US Census Bureau,” Crump states. However, Crump advises, “if there is a concern or question on the validity of any U.S. Census field personnel, please call 850-606-5800 and verification can be made by law enforcement.”

More information regarding US Census Bureau can be found here:

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