What to Do to Prepare For Upcoming Storms in Tallahassee

By Amy Marcos | Photo: Josep Castells

With Hurricane Season in full swing in Florida, upcoming storms are inevitable. Preparing for potential power outages, damaged construction, and the like, is essential to do if a hurricane or tropical storm touches down on Tallahassee during this season. Here’s how to prepare if one does.

Stock up on nonperishable food — The following items are a couple of essential nonperishable food items to stock up on: canned beans, dried fruits, canned vegetables, peanut butter, bottled juice, granola bars, dry cereal, canned tuna, beef, or chicken, nuts, cup-a-soup, non-perishable pasteurized milk, candy, jerky, dried meats. 

Make sure you have lighting — Having crank flashlights, candles, solar-powered lanterns, and the like is important—especially here in town where many have reported power outages that have lasted for days during and after storms. 

Ensure you have data on your phone — While the last storm, Hurricane Michael, caused many to go without cell phone service in the Tallahassee area for several days, losing service is not necessarily going to occur each storm. Be sure you have plenty of data on your phone in case the power (and WiFi) goes out.

Know where your tools are — In the unfortunate event that your house does receive some damage from falling debris or tree branches, it is essential to know where your tools are if you need to saw, cut, or move an something away or out of your house. 

Stock up on batteries — Because of intensive flashlight, radio, or other use during power outages, batteries die very quickly. Plan to stock up on a variety of different batteries for different items to ensure you aren’t left in the dark.

Devise an emergency plan — If disaster strikes, you and your family must be aware of an emergency plan to evacuate or relocate to another house. Devising an emergency plan and sharing it with friends and family is extremely important.

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