Cascades Project to Be a Reality Downtown in 2020

By Cristi McKee | Photo: Cascades Project

Deemed “Tallahassee’s largest economic development initiative in recent history,” the Cascades Project will become a reality come 2020. The Cascades Project, spearheaded by Uptown Rental Properties and North American Properties, consists of establishing a development of 274 residential units, 24 condominiums, a space with 140 hotel rooms, offices, retail space, and restaurants, right off of Cascades Park.

This project broke ground at the beginning of this year and is currently undergoing construction. The development includes remodeling the Firestone and Bloxham buildings, with the entire development will be 50-thousand square feet in size. Located directly across from Cascades Park, this complex hopes to “bring a vibrant live-work-play experience” to the surrounding area. Marriott International announced that they will be planting The AC Hotel Tallahassee as part of the Cascades Project as well. 

With a projected $350 million in economic growth to Tallahassee, the finalized development will also bring nearly 770 jobs to Tallahassee. Overall, North American Properties has invested $132 million into the project, with $6.9 million dollars in city funds being put toward it. In terms of business and retail space, the development will offer “an eclectic mix” of shops and office spaces, as well as recreation and play spots for families. 

Phase I of the Cascades Project, consisting of the construction of “event space, offices, an array of dining options, and the historical plaza,” is set to be completed by Spring of 2020. Phase II, which involves the construction of townhomes, apartments, and a county health unit, begins in the Spring of 2021.

This new project will “pay homage to the area’s rich history” through restoring the Leon County Health Unit and the Old City Waterworks building, but also enhance and advance the Tallahassee community further.


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