Capital City Pedicabs a Tallahassee Tourism Staple

By Abby Cloud | Photo: Capital City Pedicabs

The concept of exploring downtown is given a whole new meaning when you take advantage of Tallahassee’s very own Capital City Pedicabs. You can enjoy this completely one-of-a-kind mode of transportation as you sit back in a canvas-covered cab connected to a bicycle with a licensed cyclist biking you around the Capital City. To learn more about this timeless, local tradition, The Tally Wire talked with Mike Goldstein, the current owner and “the face of” Capital City Pedicabs.

The Capital City Pedicabs began back in December 2012 by Ron Goldstein, Mike’s father. Ron drew inspiration for the pedicabs after taking a family trip to New York in the midst of a taxi strike. “It was an alternative form of transportation to take during the strike,” Mike explained. “Ron was fascinated with that and immediately wanted to bring it to Tallahassee.” The pedicabs strive to provide the “central park” carriage ride feeling with every experience.

This is the first pedicab company in the Tallahassee metropolitan area, and not only does this provide a unique way to explore Tallahassee, it is also a lot friendlier for the Earth since a cyclist is responsible for each cab. “By riding a pedicab, there are no fossil fuels involved,” Goldstein points out. The pedicabs also serve as an advertising opportunity for many downtown businesses. Through the pedicabs, the business can be advertised on the panels of the pedicab itself, through distributed flyers or brochures, or on a custom t-shirt for the cyclist to wear. 

From day-to-day, the Capital City Pedicabs are available for residents and students alike to take advantage of as they navigate the city. “We are available in areas downtown like Gaines Street, Florida State University’s campus, Railroad Square, and the downtown Tallahassee area,” the owner states. During quick trips around campus or downtown, the pedicabs typically work off tips, so this is an inexpensive transportation opportunity.

However, if you’re looking for something a little more special, you can use the pedicabs to take a tour around Tallahassee; each certified and licensed driver serves as an ambassador of the city and can discuss Tallahassee’s history, culture, and more with you on the tour. Or, with their date night and wedding packages, you can even include the pedicabs in your romantic evening. And, as always, the pedicabs can be rented out for events around town. “We have attended numerous events around town like Florida State football games, the Sundown Concert Series at Cascades Park, and First Friday.” Goldstein says. 

Since its establishment, the Capital City Pedicabs have come a long way in Tallahassee. “We have created great relationships with other businesses and events throughout the community,” remarks Goldstein. “People know to look for us now since we’ve gotten so much exposure.” Stay on the lookout for the Capital City pedicabs around Tallahassee’s downtown area. To learn more about the business and the services they offer, you can visit their website here.

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