Tallahassee YAT Alumni Appearing in Toy Story 4

By Abby Cloud | Photo: Disney Pixar

As the “Toy Story 4” opening day approaches on June 21, 2019, it’s safe to say that everyone is looking forward to watching the 4th movie in the “Toy Story” franchise. In “Toy Story 4,” audiences can expect plenty of adventures as Woody navigates his new home as well as his relationships with some of the new toys he encounters. One of the new characters that “Toy Story 4” introduces is Forky, played by Tallahassee native, actor Tony Hale.

Forky, a white spork with mismatched googly eyes, red pipe-cleaner arms, and an expressive red eyebrow, is one of Bonnie’s homemade toys. As Forky struggles with accepting himself as a toy, Woody works to help him realize that he belongs him and the other toys. Voicing this new character is Tony Hale, a Tallahassee Young Actors Theatre and Leon High School alumni.

Hale moved to Tallahassee after his father retired from the Army, found Young Actors Theatre, and fell in love. After winning his second Emmy for his role in “Veep,” Hale thanked the theatre in his speech, saying, “I’m from Tallahassee, Florida, and there’s a little theater called Young Actors Theatre that made a huge difference in my life.” Hale performed in shows such as the “Wizard of Oz,” “Oklahoma!,” and “Oliver” at the theatre and participated in Young Actors’s Studio Singers.

The actor is best known for his characters Gary Walsh and Buster Bluth in “Veep” and “Arrested Development,” respectively. He played alongside Julia Louis-Dreyfus in“Veep” from 2012 to 2019. As for his role in “Arrested Development,” Hale has portrayed Buster since 2003 in this ongoing series. He has earned two Emmys in the “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series” category in 2013 and in 2015.

Forky is sure to be a a crowd favorite in the newest “Toy Story” movie. This summer, support a Tallahassee-raised star and get your tickets to see “Toy Story 4” in theaters June 21!

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