CMX Cinemas Fallchase Offers A Treat for Classic Movie-Lovers

By Emily Sanderson | Photo: Cobb Theaters

Hollywood is constantly coming out with new films that cover a wide range of themes such as romance, horror, and action to reach every audience. However, for classic movie lovers, it is nice to step back in time every now and then and pay some attention to the films that our parents and grandparents fell in love with and passed that love down to us. Thanks to CMX Cinemas Fallschase here in town, it is now possible to watch some of these beloved old films on the big screen!

As someone who adores old films, I am excited to see that there is a place in town giving us the rare opportunity to experience watching classic movies on the big screen. As part of CMX Cinema’s “Flashback Cinemas” series, they are playing several classic movies over the summer. Whether you are feeling action or romance, a wide array of film genres is available to watch during Flashback Cinemas showings. Next Sunday, June 16, CMX will be showing “The Raiders of the Lost Ark.” A hit from the 1980’s, “Dirty Dancing,” is shown the following week on June 23. The full movie schedule can be found here.

There is something special about watching classics in the theater as if they are brand new releases. Nostalgia sinks in as soon as the well-known themes begin to play and famous actors and actresses from decades ago appear on the screen. While you are in the theater, the only thing that brings you back to the present day is the comfortable, adjustable seats that CMX has to offer.

You can find the list of upcoming films on CMX’s website under the “Flashback Cinemas” section. The showtimes are always 2:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M., and reserved seating is available. If you are looking for a fun activity to do over summer break, this is something for all ages that is worth checking into!

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