A Market With a Mission: Frenchtown Farmer’s Market

By Abby Cloud

If you’re looking to experience local vendors and shops and get out on a Saturday morning, a great way to do so is through visiting the Frenchtown Farmers Market, which is held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday in town. The Frenchtown Farmers Market allows its customers to purchase “fresh, locally-sourced” food and products as well as interact with the community. Hosted by the Frenchtown Heritage Hub, this local farmers market has a big mission to fulfill while serving the Tallahassee community.

The Heritage Food Hub is a community-initiated organization that responded to the needs of those within the Frenchtown community. Seeking out alternatives for the community members, the Heritage Food Hub wanted their neighborhood to have access to fresh food in order to regulate the “related health disparities experienced by people of color, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain cancers.” In 2011, the Heritage Food Hub took initiative and created the Frenchtown Farmers Market to employ this mission.

Since starting around 8 years ago, the local market has become a hit with many community members. “When we first started, we had only three vendors,” Angelique Taylor, the manager for the market, recalls. “Today, we average twelve vendors each market.”

Frenchtown Beez is a popular vendor that attends the market on Saturdays with some of “the sweetest honey in the ‘hood.” Marie’s Jelly, Jams, and Herbs is another popular business that contributes. The market is also home to Marvin’s Garden, Deacon Ed Duffee’s Alabama Street Farm’s store that produces homegrown watermelon, dates, okra, and homemade cane syrup. These are just a few of the fresh products and vendors that the Frenchtown Farmers Market provides its customers.

In addition to the shopping experience, the Frenchtown Farmers Market offers more interactive experiences. “We have cooking demonstrations, kid-friendly activities, entertainment, and gardening,” Taylor says. Frequent visitors of the market can look forward to a revamp of the market’s garden soon. “It is in the process of being revitalized for the community’s youth and volunteers,” says Taylor. The Frenchtown Farmers Market also participates in an incentive program for food stamp recipients: “We can Double SNAP purchases up to $40.00.”

The Frenchtown Farmers Market ensures that their community is given “locally-sourced food, health and heritage education, and economic opportunity for residents and the broader community.” With over 4,000 patrons annually, this local farmers market is succeeding in its mission to bettering and education the Tallahassee community. “Overall, the Frenchtown Farmers Market is a place to shop for your local food needs with your friends and family.” Taylor states.

Consider visiting the Frenchtown Farmer’s Market one Saturday morning—you never know what you might find! To stay updated on the Market, follow their Instagram and Facebook page.

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