All Saints Café More Than Just a Coffeeshop

By Lexie Pitzen | Photos: All Saints Café

All Saints Café first lured me in with its Instagram bio, and the summer before my freshman year at Florida State University, I was eager to try a “Charming Local Café and Roastery with Vegan Treats and Selective Capitalization.” But, as with any other artsy coffee shop, I had three important questions:

  1. Is the coffee good?
  2. Can I walk there from campus?
  3. Will it be so packed with locals that I can’t find a seat?

I finally visited All Saints Café in October of 2018 with my parents. We showed up with caffeine withdrawal headaches, already having been awake for 4 hours, as the barista unlocked the doors at 10:00 a.m. We ordered cappuccinos—the best drink to judge a coffee shop by. At that point, it was the best cappuccino I’d had in Tallahassee. But, ultimately, where All Saints Café wins is not just with the coffee—it’s the vibe.

For the rest of freshman year, All Saints Café became my favorite spot to take unsuspecting friends. Here, we played board games in the graffiti-covered back porch, and spilled our souls surrounded by lights and good music and propaganda.

I started visiting All Saints Café more frequently after my roommate gave me a gift card, which was made from the back of a cut-apart flyer, and was hand-written in blue and red Sharpie by a barista. After that, I began winning free coffee at the café .

On Instagram, All Saints Café runs a weekly free coffee contest. To enter, simply post a photo and tag @allsaintscafetally and #freecoffeefridays. Then, show your post to the barista, and pick any coffee on the menu to receive it for free. Getting a $5 latte for free is a huge deal for college students; not only does it protect your budget, it’s priceless study fuel. The chance to win free coffee every single week sets All Saints Café apart from other Tallahassee coffee shops, and it has drawn me back week after week.

Unlike at other coffees hops near campus, there has always been an open seat for me at All Saints Café. The building’s layout offers plenty of space for studying, playing board games, and more. After buying your coffee, choose from the front patio, back porch, booths, barstools, community table, or upstairs area to take a seat. For the quietest experience, show up soon after opening or late at night. I once ordered coffee at 11:00 p.m., and the building was nearly empty.

There is something magical about coffee shops. Passing through the entryway of All Saints Café introduces visitors to a calm, comfortable place with good coffee and a great atmosphere. The back porch is beautifully isolated from the rest of Tallahassee, and even the poster-covered bathroom walls are inspiring. All Saints Café is the perfect place to read a book, write an essay, or have a deep, coffee-fueled conversation.

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