Visit Tallahassee Promotes a Local Photo Challenge

By Abby Cloud

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your summer, Visit Tallahassee launched the ultimate summer bucket list photo challenge at the beginning of May. Titled Seasoned Local, the “bucket list adventure” featured on their website gives Tallahassee natives an opportunity to show off their photography skills around town, all while exploring Florida’s very own capital city.

To begin the photo challenge, you’ll need to log on to the Visit Tallahassee site in order to check out their summer checklist of over 26 varying activities to do around town; capturing your favorite Tallahassee street art mural, visiting the Capitol’s 22nd Floor Observatory and Gallery, or attending the Downtown Market on Saturday mornings, just to name a few. Once you take the specified pictures, upload them to the Visit Tallahassee website, and check off all the photo opportunities you completed to get your prize.

There are three tiers of prizes offered for those who complete certain levels of the photo challenge. In the first tier of prizes, you could win sunglasses, a TLH magnet, or a koozie by completing five tasks off the checklist. In the second tier of prizes, completing 10 tasks could win you a TLH mug, a portable phone charger, or an LED flashlight. In the third tier, you could win a canvas tote bag, a TLH t-shirt, or a water bottle by completing 15 tasks.

To register for this competition, visit the Seasoned Local page on the Visit Tallahassee website. Here you can read the completed checklist of tasks proposed by Visit Tallahassee, submit any of your photos, and check out the prizes that are being offered. Aim for that third tier and get to taking pictures!

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