License-Free Saltwater Fishing Days Begin This Weekend in Tallahassee

By Cristi McKee

(Photo: Hunter Brumels)

If you have been looking to go saltwater fishing but haven’t had the chance to get a license yet or are unsure whether it’s the right activity for you, this special opportunity is the perfect chance to try it out! For the next two weekends, June 1 and 2, and June 8 and 9, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWCC) is offering license-free saltwater fishing for those who would like to partake.

While size and bag limits still apply, fees “for all recreational anglers, including both residents and non-residents,” are waived in honor of these 4 days, according to the FWCC. Other water activities, like crabbing, scalloping, and lobstering are all allowed to be done without a license as well.

These special weekends only happen twice a year, once in April, and once in June. License-free freshwater fishing occurs in once in June, once in September, and the weekend immediately following Thanksgiving.

Licenses for both saltwater and freshwater fishing are priced starting at $17 per year, so if you would like to fish year-round, you can order licenses for different activities here.

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