How to Be a Tourist for a Day in Tallahassee

By Amy Marcos | Photo: Mason B

Tallahassee natives and those who have lived here for years can take for granted some of the unique and special attractions, events, restaurants, stores, and more that this city has to offer. This season, on a lazy weekend or holiday, consider being a “tourist” for the day in the capital city to renew your appreciation for the place you call home. Check out this guide on where to visit, what to eat, and who to see on your tourist adventure.

Visit the Museum of Florida History — Located at the R. A. Gray Building in downtown Tallahassee, this humongous museum brims with artifacts and exhibits about Florida throughout the years, its colonization, displays on the “lost Floridians” and native cultures, and informational displays on iconic Floridians, animals, and more. The Museum of Florida History has free admission and is open almost every day of the year.

(Pictured: Museum of Florida History | Photo by Museum of Florida History on Facebook)

Eat Lunch at The Edison Restaurant — Located at Cascades Park, The Edison Restaurant utilizes fresh-from-Florida ingredients to make simple and classic breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes. Have lunch at this unique restaurant on your tour of Tallahassee to experience premier Floridian food.

(Pictured: The Edison Restaurant | Photo by The Edison Restaurant)

Tour the Florida Historic Capitol Museum — Known as the “Old Capitol,” the Florida Historic Capitol Museum is home to numerous photos, artifacts, visual displays, and interactive exhibits that teach about Florida politics over the years. Found at the center of the capitol complex in town, this museum is the perfect tourist spot. Free admission to the museum is provided, and museum hours and more information can be found here.

(Pictured: Florida Historic Capitol Museum | Photo: Florida Historic Capitol Museum on Facebook)

Grab a Coffee at RedEye — RedEye might just be Tallahassee’s most iconic coffee shop, so while touring the city, grabbing a coffee here is a must-do. With a variety of iced and hot coffee treats and locations all over town, a RedEye shop is sure to be on the way at some point on your tour.

(Pictured: Latte at RedEye Coffee | Photo: RedEye Coffee)

Catch a movie at the Challenger Learning Center Tallahassee — Many seasoned Tallahassee locals can be found catching a movie or planetarium show at the IMAX in the Challenger Learning Center, but pretending to be a tourist and doing the same thing makes the movie even better. Find showtimes and showings here.

(Pictured: Challenger Learning Center Tallahassee | Photo by Challenger Learning Center Tallahassee)

Take a Stroll Through Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park — A classic Tallahassee attraction, you can end your tour of the city with a peaceful stroll through The Gardens. Park hours and more information can be found here.

(Pictured: Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park | Photo by Jordan Whitfield)

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