Tallahassee’s Top Three Plant-Based Restaurants

By Jolee Keplinger

(Pictured: Mango Tango Tacos, a Thursday special at Sweet Pea Cafe. Photo: Sweet Pea Cafe)

Are you powered by plants, or simply want to have a plant-centric dining experience? Maybe you’re going to dinner with a veggie-loving friend and want to impress them with Tallahassee’s small, yet solid array of plant-based meal offerings. When a restaurant is vegan, this means no animal associated foods are used (such as meat, fish, dairy and honey). Plant-based is a term that can refer to vegan cuisine, but in general, indicates a food or person’s diet is mainly comprised of food made of plants. These 3 restaurants here in Tallahassee are 100% plant based and offer vegan-friendly meal options.

Sweet Pea Café — Sweet Pea Cafe’s 100% vegan menu offers farm-to-table-style comfort food classics with an innovative twist. They incorporate fresh produce from local farms as well, and prioritize sourcing their ingredients locally. Sandwiches and main dishes are in the $6-$10 price range, and the à la carte sides are only $2.50. You can try vegan versions of lunchtime classics such as a Buffalo Fried Tofu Sandwich or Tempeh Rueben. If you’re an early bird, there’s a selection of breakfast offerings that pair excellently with drinks from their espresso menu. You can also treat yourself to their sweet and sticky cinnamon bun and latte or opt for a healthy serving of yogurt and granola.

Soul Vegan Express — This is another fully vegan eatery, which even caters, delivers, hosts cooking classes, and has a juice bar! Their specialty is serving natural and vegan soul food. In addition, 90% of the menu is gluten-free! This restaurant is not only a great option for a group of friends with a range of food preferences and needs, but is also reasonably priced. A juice is only $3.25, burgers and sandwiches are only $5.99. There are also southern comfort food classics like mac and cheese, collard greens, BBQ, and fresh-baked cornbread. Soul Vegan Express also infuses international flare into the menu by offering dishes influenced by Jamaican, French, Italian, Indian, and Greek cuisine.

Krishna Lunch — At Florida State University’s Center for Global Engagement, you can find a wholesome and 100% vegan meal for a great deal. Originally vegetarian, Krishna Lunch became completely vegan in January 2018. Lunch is served there Monday through Friday from 11:30-2:00 pm. Their daily menu always has rice, dal (lentil soup), a variety of entrées, salad, and daily changing flavors of halava for dessert. They suggest a $5 donation in exchange for a meal.


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