Tallahassee’s Most Instagrammable Spots

By Abby Cloud

(Pictured: TLH sculpture at Cascades Park. Photo: Leon County Photos)

As someone who partakes in the search for the most picturesque places around town, finding the perfect background for any picture intended for Instagram can be tricky. It’s no secret that cities like Miami and Orlando are home to numerous brightly colored walls, murals, and beautiful nature scenes. If only Tallahassee was half as artsy, right? Well, unbeknownst to many, Tallahassee contains quite a few hidden gems of artwork, sculptures, and beautiful scenery that no other city could offer. Check them out below.

TLH Sculpture

If you’re wanting to proudly represent Tallahassee on your Instagram page, this is the perfect picture spot for you. This sculpture was constructed in 2018 and consists of the letters TLH, Tallahassee’s airport code. The three letters are colored in a vibrant orange hue and stand 10 feet tall towards the end of the Capital Cascades Crossing Trail connector bridge between Cascades Park and Lake Anita. (Photo: Leon County Photos)

Alfred B. Maclay Gardens

Maclay Gardens is a timeless location for graduation, prom, homecoming, and engagement photoshoots. This location has an enchanting brick walkway around the grounds, the historic Maclay House, a secret garden, reflection pool, and a walled garden. With the blooming camellias, azaleas, dogwoods, and magnolias, you are sure to capture a stunning shot in the gardens. (Photo: Florida Hikes!)


This new ice cream shop, located in Collegetown, serves delicious ice cream and the cutest Instagram snapshots. Magda’s combines their rustic brick exterior with hot pink tables and chairs beneath their logo on the storefront. Order their ornately decorated milkshakes, sundaes, or waffle cones, grab a seat outside, and start taking some artsy pictures to post later.

Park Avenue Historic District

Rich with history, Tallahassee’s historic downtown area can make for delightfully scenic pictures. The streets are aligned with numerous historic homes, a cemetery, churches, and museums, as well as tall, beautiful trees. Come winter time, you can expect to see the trees in the Chain of Parks to be bright with tea lights—perfect for that Instagram post. (Photo: Sweet Southern Days)

Railroad Square

Railroad Square Art District is filled with colored walls and stunning murals. You can use the walls of almost any building as backdrops for your photoshoot. Some buildings are decorated with fun images and designs. Businesses like House of Plywood Breezeway Market, Black Dog Cafe, and Crum Box Gastgarden serve as fun areas to pose and shoot some pictures at with their unique appearances. (Photo: Railroad Square Art District on Facebook)

“Postcard of the Capital City” Mural

This mural is in the heart of downtown Tallahassee on College Avenue. Completed by Florida State University’s Department of Art in 2015, this mural captures the history, culture, and images of the Capital City. Created to look like a vintage postcard, the mural contains vivid colors, eye-catching graphics, and bold fonts. (Photo: Tallahassee Arts Guide)

J.R. Alford Greenway

This park in Tallahassee is extremely popular for its 800 acres of land. The wide greenway provides a space to set up a nice picnic in the afternoon, or a place for you set up a space to photograph the sunset or sunrise. With a natural landscape, ample trees and trails, a wooden bridge, and railroad tracks, this scenery is perfect for a relaxed, impromptu photoshoot. (Photo: National Recreation Trail Database)

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