FSU’s School of Theatre Announces 2019-2020 Season

By Abby Cloud

(Photo: Florida State University School of Theatre)

After wrapping up the successful 2018-2019 show season with the eclectic, “Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play,”  Florida State University’s School of Theatre quickly announced their 2019-2020 productions, leaving the community of theatre-lovers full of anticipation for the upcoming year. Here’s a look at the shows that FSU is bringing to campus starting this fall.

Chicago:” October 11-27, 2019 — The School of Theatre takes on Broadway classic, Chicago, as their first musical. With powerful and iconic songs, watch as rivals Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart adapt as new inmates of the Cook County Jail, amidst fighting each other for the public’s attention and support as well as acquittal trials.

The Importance of Being Earnest:” November 1-10, 2019 — In this comedic Oscar Wilde play, protagonist John Worthing practices a double life in order to break free from his lifestyle along the countryside. After meeting love interest Gwendolyn, he changes his name to Ernest as he pursues her. Once his best friend learns of his secret —and attempts to try it himself—things go awry.

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs:” November 21-24, 2019 — Based on the children’s novel, Alexander T. Wolf is ready and wants to tell the world what really happened with the three little pigs in this play. See what happens in the courtroom as he sets the record straight through this lively musical production.

In the Heights:” February 14-23, 2020 — Experience a day—or three—of life in Washington Heights. Follow relateable and memorable characters as they navigate the huge changes their community undergoes. As they all strive for the American dream, they are faced with the decision of keeping tradition alive or leaving it behind in their little corner of New York.

We Are Proud to Present:” February 28-March 8, 2020—Upon finding a set of German love letters, a rehearsal room and a group of ambitious actors turns into the narrative of the Herero people and their untold genocide. As personal stories arise, the past and the present intertwine, taking the actors on a journey that reveals a history that is far too recognizable.

Marie Antoinette:” April 3-11, 2020—In this amusing play, eighteenth century extravagance meets contemporary culture,” historical figure Marie Antoinette struggles with understanding the sudden shift in her popularity as the revolution approaches in France. As she tries to make sense of where things went wrong, she is forced to confront what really lies behind her image.

Find showings, ticket prices, and more on the Florida State University School of Theatre’s website.

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